Cue the hot cross buns…

Posted on March 04 2020

Cue the hot cross buns…


We all roll our eyes a little when the hot cross buns hit the shelves the day after Christmas.

While the thought of Easter rolling around already makes you feel like the year is moving just a bit too fast, it’s something us real estate agents have to plan for.

You have five (yep only five!) Saturday’s before Easter Saturday is here. It’ll be here ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ quick.

So… what do need to do?

First, take a look at your current stock list.

Are there any properties that you can convert to auction?

If not, is it time to look at a price adjustment?

Now is also a great time to reinvigorate your advertising. Freshen up your listings - change up your images, tweak the copy, upgrade your listings on the portals, run social media campaigns, add print marketing to your campaign.

Now is the time to give your current listings a shake-up to get them sold before Easter arrives.

Next, check out your pipeline.

Do you have any listings you can bring to the market now? 

Consider the fact that this year there is a 2-week break in between Easter and ANZAC day. In some markets, this tends to typically be a quiet period, in others its peak listing and selling time.

Consider what happens in your market.

Are you listing properties and selling them within 2 weeks? If so, the break may not affect you as much.

If you’re in a location where properties sit on the market a little longer, think about having a breakthrough out this period. Stockpile your upcoming listings to have the first open on the first weekend in May.

If you work in a holiday market?  If so, then maybe this break is your 'GO' time.

It’s important to take into consideration now if you are going to take leave during this period. If you are, make sure that you are shifting your listings with the goal to sell prior to your departure and have listings ready to go live for when you return from your break.

Also, remember ANZAC Day is a day that agents can not work. Have you built this into your planning?

Make sure that you have the right strategy in place this Easter/ANZAC Day so you can keep your momentum, kick goals and #BuildYourBestLife throughout the rest of 2020!

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